Monday, 19 September 2011


1 David Lacey Full Tour - 100Km 04:34:08
2 Guy Veall Full Tour - 100Km 05:05:19
3 Michael Fawcett Full Tour - 100Km 05:06:24
4 Wayne Burgreave Full Tour - 100Km 04:44:14
5 Paul Dallas Full Tour - 100Km DNS
6 David Atkinson Short Tour - 60Km 03:08:12
7 Paul McKie Full Tour - 100Km DNS
8 Dave Connor Full Tour - 100Km DNS
9 Richard Ellis Full Tour - 100Km DNS
10 Martin Chan Full Tour - 100Km 04:50:23
11 Jim Williams Full Tour - 100Km DNS
12 Paul Talbot Full Tour - 100Km 04:04:05
13 Steve Loraine Full Tour - 100Km DNS
14 Mark Taylor Full Tour - 100Km DNS
15 Jennie Reynolds Short Tour - 60Km DNS
16 Phil Goss Full Tour - 100Km DNS
17 Sjoerd Hofstra Full Tour - 100Km DNF
18 Carol Moir Short Tour - 60Km DNS
19 Carol Moir Short Tour - 60Km DNS
20 Martin Laidler Full Tour - 100Km DNS
21 Ian Blann Full Tour - 100Km DNF
22 John Diggle Full Tour - 100Km DNS
23 James Whitesmith Full Tour - 100Km 05:31:13
24 James Whitesmith Full Tour - 100Km 05:31:14
25 Richard Smith Full Tour - 100Km 06:44:00
26 Noel Banfield Full Tour - 100Km 05:13:10
27 Iain Dixon Full Tour - 100Km 04:29:28
28 Paul Howell Full Tour - 100Km 05:23:00
29 Duncan Johnson Full Tour - 100Km 05:13:13
30 Pete Butterworth Full Tour - 100Km 06:03:02
31 Louise Hogg Full Tour - 100Km 06:32:01
32 Peter Johnson Full Tour - 100Km 06:31:51
33 Paul Laugesen Full Tour - 100Km 05:44:57
34 Jeff Belfield Full Tour - 100Km 05:52:36
35 Jeff Belfield Full Tour - 100Km 05:52:32
36 Martin Hardcastle Full Tour - 100Km 14:50:39
37 Mark Ratcliffe Full Tour - 100Km 05:44:55
38 Ciaran Biodehan Full Tour - 100Km 05:14:23
39 John Wood Full Tour - 100Km 05:32:47
40 Martin Smith Full Tour - 100Km 04:58:28
41 Geoff Pell Full Tour - 100Km 05:44:56
42 Roger Jones Full Tour - 100Km 05:34:56
43 Bill Smith Full Tour - 100Km 05:54:46
44 Dave Clark Full Tour - 100Km 05:44:47
45 John Richardson Full Tour - 100Km 05:55:10
46 Pete Salt Full Tour - 100Km 05:41:40
47 Tom Davies Full Tour - 100Km 05:51:20
48 Alan Davidson Full Tour - 100Km 05:57:12
49 Kevin Phillips Full Tour - 100Km 05:58:40
50 Richard Townsend Full Tour - 100Km 06:10:45
51 Dave Smithies Full Tour - 100Km 05:49:40
52 Andrew Pickering Full Tour - 100Km 05:51:30
53 Jayne King Short Tour - 60Km 02:50:17
54 Samantha Newman Full Tour - 100Km 05:49:40
55 John Benjamin Full Tour - 100Km 05:45:13
56 Peter Townsend Short Tour - 60Km 02:46:10
57 Hannah Newton Short Tour - 60Km 02:55:12
58 Robert Noble Full Tour - 100Km 05:50:10
59 Annie Rossington Full Tour - 100Km 05:45:30
60 Ken Fowler Full Tour - 100Km 05:56:15
61 Dave Williams Full Tour - 100Km 06:11:10
62 Martin Gill Short Tour - 60Km 02:50:11
63 Chris Howard Full Tour - 100Km 05:10:20
64 Colin Ashford Full Tour - 100Km 05:54:54
65 Andrew Steel Full Tour - 100Km 04:11:52
66 Tim Wakeley Full Tour - 100Km 04:45:26
67 Chris Radcliffe Full Tour - 100Km 04:53:47
68 Susan Parkinson Full Tour - 100Km 04:11:37
69 David Parkinson Full Tour - 100Km 05:55:15
70 Ian Nursey Full Tour - 100Km 05:46:12
71 Mark Smith Full Tour - 100Km 05:47:15
72 Dave Gretton Full Tour - 100Km 05:37:12
73 Bill Wright Full Tour - 100Km 05:45:50
74 George Hill Full Tour - 100Km 05:39:37
75 Andy Wood Full Tour - 100Km 05:54:23
76 Greg Newton Full Tour - 100Km 05:46:18
77 Sid Abrahams Full Tour - 100Km 05:49:45
78 Roger Young Full Tour - 100Km 05:49:11
79 Garry Fisher Full Tour - 100Km 05:48:34
80 Eddie Brown Full Tour - 100Km 05:44:13
81 Barry Broadbent Full Tour - 100Km 05:33:11
82 John Grenwood Full Tour - 100Km 06:01:11
83 Peter George Full Tour - 100Km 06:01:14
84 Paul Hey Full Tour - 100Km 05:55:50
85 John Wheatley Full Tour - 100Km 05:00:40
86 Simon Frost Full Tour - 100Km 05:04:37
87 Simon Frost Full Tour - 100Km 05:02:11
88 Jonathan Ferguson Full Tour - 100Km 03:40:23
89 Kevin Dack Full Tour - 100Km 02:10:59
90 Richard Harper Full Tour - 100Km 05:06:21
91 Charlie Haddy Full Tour - 100Km DNS
92 Ian Dean Short Tour - 60Km 02:52:17
93 Paul Jackson Full Tour - 100Km 04:39:45
94 Bisanth Batuwitage Full Tour - 100Km 04:28:38
95 John Heaney Full Tour - 100Km 05:02:08
96 Richard Johns Full Tour - 100Km 05:10:12
97 Barry Briggs Full Tour - 100Km 06:01:16
98 Gary Oldham Full Tour - 100Km 05:44:12
99 Richard Davies Full Tour - 100Km 05:55:12
100 Robert Binns Full Tour - 100Km 05:45:12
101 Mark Millward Full Tour - 100Km 05:11:20
102 Mark Jackson Full Tour - 100Km 05:55:03
103 Roger Booth Full Tour - 100Km DNS
104 Michael Cookson Full Tour - 100Km 04:33:34
105 Nick Pilling Full Tour - 100Km 04:33:36
106 Mark Russell Full Tour - 100Km DNS
107 Matt Counsell Full Tour - 100Km DNF
108 Mark Coates Full Tour - 100Km DNS
109 Mark Hartley Full Tour - 100Km DNS
110 Gary Hicketts Short Tour - 60Km 02:40:06
111 Max Kraft Full Tour - 100Km 05:45:44
112 Brendan Devlin Full Tour - 100Km 05:11:14
113 Anthony Mccarthy Full Tour - 100Km DNS
114 Malcolm Yates Full Tour - 100Km 04:31:07
115 Bill Geary Full Tour - 100Km 04:47:46
116 Bill Geary Full Tour - 100Km 04:47:43
117 Michael Ruddy Full Tour - 100Km 04:13:55
118 Seb Gray Full Tour - 100Km 04:50:25
119 Richard Bounds Full Tour - 100Km 05:49:13
120 Luke Ryan Short Tour - 60Km 02:18:35
121 John Purslow Short Tour - 60Km DNF
122 Paul Millward Full Tour - 100Km 05:15:26
123 Victoria Anderton Short Tour - 60Km 02:54:45
124 Dean List Full Tour - 100Km 04:38:56
125 Joel Dickinson Short Tour - 60Km 02:23:55
126 Rob Marsh Full Tour - 100Km 04:56:24
127 Dave Hampson Full Tour - 100Km 04:56:23
128 James Eastwood Short Tour - 60Km 02:02:18
129 Peter Hird Full Tour - 100Km DNS
130 Andrew Mabbott Full Tour - 100Km 04:59:38
131 Paul Taylor Full Tour - 100Km 04:15:35
132 Jason Ferrington Short Tour - 60Km 02:33:16
133 Jason Procter Full Tour - 100Km DNS
134 Ben Harris Full Tour - 100Km 04:00:26
135 Richard Haughton Full Tour - 100Km 05:52:40
136 Paul Mulready Full Tour - 100Km 05:56:52
137 Steve Dutton Full Tour - 100Km 05:55:44
138 Jonathon Cave Full Tour - 100Km 04:42:15
139 David Bertalot Full Tour - 100Km 04:33:04
140 John Hesketh Full Tour - 100Km 04:39:12
141 Mark Slack Full Tour - 100Km 05:13:39
142 Robert Gaunt Short Tour - 60Km 03:35:02
143 Keith Nicholls Full Tour - 100Km 04:20:09
144 Mark Evans Full Tour - 100Km 04:09:24
145 Terry Dye Full Tour - 100Km 04:46:18
146 David Clinch Short Tour - 60Km 02:44:49
147 John Martin Full Tour - 100Km 05:08:30

Congratulations to everybody who took part in this years event. It was a tough challenge made tougher by the wind and rain showers.

Event Photographs are now available


Photographs for Saturdays Event are now available on the Flaming Photography Website

Thursday, 15 September 2011



We are one of the few sportives to allow entries on the day. Download a route card and entry form from the website. If you are having trouble downloading don't worry we will also have entry forms you can fill in at the registration table. Registration opens at 8.00 am.

1 David Lacey
2 Guy Veall
3 Michael Fawcett
4 Wayne Burgreave
5 Paul Dallas
6 David Atkinson
7 Paul McKie
8 Dave Connor
9 Richard Ellis
10 Martin Chan
11 Jim Williams
12 Paul Talbot
13 Steve Loraine
14 Mark Taylor
15 Jennie Reynolds
16 Phil Goss
17 Sjoerd Hofstra
18 Carol Moir
19 Carol Moir
20 Martin Laidler
21 Ian Blann
22 John Diggle
23 James Whitesmith
24 James Whitesmith
25 Richard Smith
26 Noel Banfield
27 Iain Dixon
28 Paul Howell
29 Duncan Johnson
30 Pete Butterworth
31 Louise Hogg
32 Louise Hogg
33 Paul Laugesen
34 Jeff Belfield
35 Jeff Belfield
36 Martin Hardcastle
37 Mark Ratcliffe
38 John Wood
39 John Wood
40 Martin Smith
41 Geoff Pell
42 Roger Jones
43 Bill Smith
44 Dave Clark
45 John Richardson
46 Pete Salt
47 Tom Davies
48 Alan Davidson
49 Kevin Phillips
50 Richard Townsend
51 Dave Smithies
52 Andrew Pickering
53 Jayne King
54 Samantha Newman
55 John Benjamin
56 Peter Tonwsend
57 Hannah Newton
58 Robert Noble
59 Annie Rossington
60 Ken Fowler
61 Dave Willimas
62 Martin Gill
63 Chris Howard
64 Colin Ashford
65 Andrew Steel
66 Tim Wakeley
67 Chris Radcliffe
68 Susan Parkinson
69 Susan Parkinson
70 Ian Nursey
71 Mark Smith
72 Dave Gretton
73 Bill Wright
74 George Hill
75 Andy Wood
76 Greg Newton
77 Sid Abrahams
78 Roger Young
79 Garry Fisher
80 Eddie Brown
81 Barry Broadbent
82 John Grenwood
83 Peter George
84 Paul Hey
85 John Wheatley
86 Simon Frost
87 Simon Frost
88 Jonathan Ferguson
89 Kevin Dack
90 Richard Harper
91 Charlie Haddy
92 Ian Dean
93 Paul Jackson
94 Bisanth Batuwitage
95 John Heaney
96 Richard Johns
97 Barry Briggs
98 Gary Oldham
99 Richard Davies
100 Robert Binns
101 Mark Millward
102 Mark Jackson
103 Roger Booth
104 Michael Cookson
105 Michael Cookson
106 Mark Russell
107 Matt Counsell
108 Mark Coates
109 Mark Hartley
110 Gary Hicketts
111 Max Kraft
112 Brendan Devlin
113 Anthony Mccarthy
114 Malcolm Yates
115 Bill Geary
116 Bill Geary
117 Michael Ruddy
118 Seb Gray
119 Richard Bounds
120 Luke Ryan
121 John Purslow
122 Paul Millward
123 Paul Millward
124 Dean List
125 Joel Dickinson
126 Rob Marsh
127 Dave Hampson
128 James Eastwood
129 Peter Hird
130 Andrew Mabbott
131 Paul Taylor
132 Jason Ferrington
133 Jason Procter
134 Ben Harris
135 Richard Haughton

Wednesday, 4 May 2011




Entry via Sportident

Online Entries Close on Wednesday the 14th September.

Entry Fees
Advance Entry 25.00
On the day 30.00
Under 16's  free when entering with an adult


Download to your PC and print off or download to your phone



In registration your name will be on the start sheets on the tables. Look for your name and number. The start sheet will also be posted on the website on Thursday so you can check your number and speed up registration

REGISTRATION opens at 8.00 am
EVENT STARTS  at 9.00 am you can start anytime between 9.00 am and 9.30 am

You will be given your number and a goody bag. You do not need to sign anything. You have already signed on during the online entry system

If you are entering on the day you need to download an entry form and a Route Card. Bring the completed form signed and with the correct fee to the registration desk. You will be given a number and a goody bag.

Numbers must be attached to your handlebars for timing purposes. If your number is not on your handlebars you may be missed from the results.
We have our own electronic timing system which works on Barcodes. The barcode is printed below your number.
Please do not attach the number to your head tube or attach the zip ties across the barcode otherwise we cannot scan it.

Results will be posted on the website on Monday if not sooner


There is a large car park at the Radclyffe Athletic Centre.ON THE RIDE

Participents take part in the event at entirley at their own risk.

Participents should follow instructions from the marshals

The ride is run under British Cycling Cyclosportive Rules.

Participants will be responsible for the roadworthiness of their own cycle.

You must obey all Highway Code Rules. You are requested to ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time. Please be aware of your fellow cyclists and other traffic. Please indicate your intention to stop or change direction.

This is a great circuit and we would like to use it again next year. Please show courtesy and respect for other road users. A cheery wave and a smile works wonders

There are toilets at the start and finish, there are also public toilets on route just look for the Public Toilet signs almost every pub and cafe in Saddleworth dislay them.

The route is marked by signage. A black arrow on an Flourescent yellow background. We wil be painting the roads with a yellow arrow. We also have a support vehicle that proceeds the riders replacing missing signs. Hopefully we can keep everyone on track.

It is also advised that all participants carry enough food, drink, money and extra clothing to complete the ride being under taken taking into account the route and possible adverse weather conditions.

There are support vehicles. If you need to be picked up call the organisers tel: number below
if you have mechanical falure or cannot continue. You can also stop at the feeding stations if you have any problems and they will bring you back to the HQ.

Marshals are there to help they are not allowed to stop the traffic you are responsable for your own actions at junctions throughout the ride.


The weather can be quite changable at this time of year. Please check the forcast and come prepared


Route Cards are available to download off the SCRIBD website you can save them to your PC and print off. You can also download it onto your phone.

It is the responsibility of each participant to take the correct course. Participants are required to carry traditional map based route instructions.

All competitors are advised to wear a safety helmet to ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards

You may not use your mobile phone while riding. You must stop at the side of the road if you need to make or receive a call.

Having a mobile phone with you on the ride is encouraged. It is usefull if you get lost or need to be picked up by the support vehicles

TOUR OF THE PENNINES will provide fluid and food at designated feed stations. This is intended only as a top up. You are encouraged to take enough food and fluid for the full distance of the event.
Feeding Station will be in the car park at the summit of Nont Sarah's. Riders taking part in the 60km event it will be on the right hand side of the road as your turn left to Ripponden. Riders on the 100km route it will be on the left just before you turn right to Ripponden.
Organisation Phone Number Tel: 07583234531
In case of an emergency please ring 999


There is free food and drink available at the finish. Traditional Lancashire Pie and Peas Supper


Flaming Photography will be attending the event. Photographs will be available from their website shortly afterwards.

A would just like to thank everyone for taking part and wish you all a safe and enjoyable ride.

Monday, 18 April 2011


Tour of the Pennines 17th September

Now in it's third year the Tour of the Pennines has quickly established it'self as an end of season classic. Organised by the Team Torelli Cycling Club. The event recreates the Professional Tour of the Pennines event which was run throughout the 70's 80' and 90's.

Riders in last years Tour of the Pennines picture by Flaming Photography

Starting at the Radclyffe Athletics Centre in Chadderton the route takes the riders around the the Saddleworth Moors dipping into the West Yorkshire before heading back to Lancashire. Stunning Scenery, Tough climbs including the much feared Scape Goat Hill and fast descents. Since the moving of the Tour of the Peak to an date in August it makes this event a great way to sign of the season North West.

The route takes riders through areas popular with TV and Film Companys. 'Brassed Off' a film about a Colliery Brass Band with Ewan McGregor was filmed in Delph village. 'Yanks' a film about American GI's based here during the war with Richard Gere was filmed in Dobcross. A lot of scenes from 'Coronation Street' the popular soap series are filmed in Saddleworth. We also pass through 'Last of the Summer Wine Country' when the riders head over the border into Yorkshire.

We have two routes 100k and 60km. Don't be fooled a 100km around the Saddleworth Moors will feel more like a 100 miles in your legs at the finish. The climbs are tough and they come one another with just a short break in betwen to get your breath back. Each climb has it;s own characteristics. Buckstone's is quite steep at the bottom but eases towards the summit. Isle of Skye is a long steady climb where the gradient doesn't change much. There is a short steep little climb out of Meltham that stings the leg muscles especially after the very fast descent off the moors. Standedge from the Marsden side takes the riders up the old road past the Golf Club. Another tough little climb short and steep. On the descent back down to Marsden there's plenty of time to get your breath back before the biggest climb of the day the notorious Scape Goat Hill. A relatively unknown climb unless you are a local that snakes its way up out of the valley.  There's a hairpin bend half way up were the gradient is at it's steepest. Once you reach the Summit then there's Nont Sarahs to contend with a long draggy climb which can be made more difficult if it's windy. At the Summit of Nont Sarah's theres anothe long fast descent to Ripponden crossing the famous motorway bridge, one of the tallest in the country. If you take the oppurtunity to stop and have a look at the views there are stunning. Once into Ripponden theres just  Blackstone Edge to contend with. Another long draggy climb up past the Reservoirs. At the summit there's a fantastic view across Manchester. On a good day you can see for miles. Then is a quite dash back to the Athletics Satdium past Hollingworth Lake a local Beauty Stop.

This year we are hoping to have some ex pros who rode the professional event. Last year we had Jack Kershaw from Wightman/Gibsport/Knight, and Falcon Pro teams out supporting the event.

This year we have got the following features;

* Electronic Timing
* High Five Feeding Stations
* Support Vehicles
* GPS Dowloads
* Free Traditional Lancashire Pie & Peas Supper
* Free Hot Drinks after the event
* Free Sports Drinks Bottle
* Support Vehicles
* Challenging Climbs
* Fast Descents
* Stunning Scenery
* Good Quality Roads
* Professional Photographer
* Preview Video Ride
* Event Video
* Changing Rooms
* Showers Car Parking
* Friendly Event Crew
* Well Signed Route, we even mark the roads
* Route Cards

Please be aware that as the advert says ' it does exactly what it says on the tin'. This is the Tour of the Pennines which means hills. Only riders that are confident that they are fit enough for this challenge should enter.


Radclyffe Athletic Centre
Hunt Lane

Link to Google Maps

If you are coming on the motorway take the A627M towards Oldham. Continue on the A627M which turns into the A663 heading towards Manchester. You go through one set of traffic lights. At the second set you turn right into Hunt Lane. The Radclyffe Athletic Centre is 1/4 of a mile on the left.

Registration opens at 8.00am

Event Starts at 9.00 am until 9.30 am. You can start anytime within the 1/2 hour.


We have our own electronic timing system which has a barcode printed on with the number. It is important to attach this to your handlebars so it can be read by the scanners.

Please do not attach it around your head tube or put the cable ties across the barcode as we will not be able to scan it.

Event Enquiries to



We have had to make a few changes from last year due to road works but the major climbs are all still there plus an old favourite we left out last year is back by popular request.

100km Route

60km Route